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Whenever I pick up a bag of N.A.S.H.A.'s favorite dog food at my local Pet Planet, I have to take a peek at their wide selection of healthy pet treats. I love that they are constantly searching for new products, so there is always something new and interesting to check out. This past week, I noticed offerings from Happy Tails Barkery for the first time. The packaging caught my eye because it has a big "Made in Arizona" stamp, and I love to support local businesses. 

I decided to contact Happy Tails Barkery to see what they are all about. Owner, Holly Pace, seemed genuinely thrilled that I would contact her. She invited me to come see her and her full line of dog treats at the Gilbert Farmers Market. I'd never been before, so I gathered the family, and we headed out so see her and the other local vendors. 

I learned a lot from Holly about her line of dog treats, which are homemade. Homemade might scare some people off, but Happy Tails Barkery treats are analyzed for quality and nutritional analysis by RL Food Testing Laboratories and are AAFCO compliant, something that sets them apart from other homemade treat companies. They print the nutritional analysis for each treat right on the bag, something you don't get with other homemade treat companies. So not only are you getting treats made with love, you can rest assured that they are safe and healthy. 

Happy Tails Barkery specializes in grain-, gluten-, and GMO-free dog treats made from human-grade ingredients sourced 100% in the U.S., and they also offer vegan options. They value local products just like I do, so they team up with local farmers and ranchers to source many of their ingredients. Just one look at the short ingredient lists lets you know that you're getting quality. The packages say "no corn, soy, preservatives, fillers, added salt or sugar, food-dyes, or yucky stuff." That's exactly what I look for in a healthy treat for N.A.S.H.A. In addition to being informative, Holly was super, super nice. My kids were excited about all the different treats she offers, so she hooked us up! We walked away with quite a few bags of treats:

Bacon Cheezy Bites: garbanzo flour, bacon bits, cheddar cheese, low-sodium beef broth

Chop Lickin' Chicken: hormone- and antibiotic-free chicken breast

Muddy Paws (HTB's Dessert Treat): oat flour, all-natural peanut butter, carob powder

P-Mutt Butter Hummus: garbanzo flour, all-natural peanut butter

Sweet Potato Jerky: sweet potatoes

Some of HTB's offerings at the Gilbert Farmer's Market.

Some of HTB's offerings at the Gilbert Farmer's Market.

It means a lot to me that HTB uses a limited number of ingredients. HTB's mission statement is "to provide the highest quality gourmet treats using all natural human grade ingredients." They are homemade with love in small batches "from farm to treat jar," they like to say. 

Just like Holly hooked us up, she wants to hook you up, too! Now, don't worry, even though she lives here in AZ, she'll ship these quality treats anywhere in the U.S., so go ahead and let your pooch get addicted. Holly warned me that they call their "Chop Lickin' Chicken" treats "puppy crack." She advised "don't give those to your pup first, because she may not want anything else." She was right. Those Chop Lickin' Chicken treats quickly became something that N.A.S.H.A. will regularly punch me in the leg to get. She gets her message across. 

N.A.S.H.A. exhibiting the many faces of HTB Chop Lickin' Chicken "puppy crack."

N.A.S.H.A. exhibiting the many faces of HTB Chop Lickin' Chicken "puppy crack."

Holly is offering our readers a chance to win one "HTB Pound Pack," a whole pound of their luscious, healthy dog treats! Trust me, your pooch wants you to enter.

Well Minded was not compensated monetarily for this product review. HTB provided samples for the review. We only share information that we feel is of interest to our readers.

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