stuff to stuff in a KONG®

KONG One of the most versatile dog treats I know is a stuffed KONG®. What miracles can this wonder bring?

• Occupies a bored dog while you are away.

• Calms a hyper or anxious dog.

• Rewards a good dog.

• Exercises the tongue and jaw and induces sleep after physical exertion.

• Can be used to help administer medicine.

• Helps exercise the mind of a thoughtful dog.

• It's a fun, playful way to get a treat.

• Provides a dog who likes to chew with an outlet.

• Virtually indestructible for tough guys.

• Just the right size. They come in all sizes.

• You can create your own healthy're in control of what goes in.

The majority of dog treats are highly processed and quite unhealthy for your pooch. There are some great ones out there, but they are few and far between. Just as a healthy, homemade snack is typically better for our kids than something out of a package, a healthy, homemade snack is usually better for your dog. Get creative with what you put in your KONG®. You know what your dog loves, so go with it! Here are some ideas to spark your imagination:

• Peanut butter (natural, organic is best...they don't need added sugar) plain or mixed with small crunchy treats

• Frozen peanut butter (just as tasty, but lasts longer)

• Frozen plain yogurt

• Frozen peanut butter and plain yogurt swirl

• Add banana to any of the above (just a couple of slices)

• Frozen low sodium beef broth (with or without crunchy treats): this one is tricky because you have to seal the ends while it freezes...duct tape usually works

• Frozen vegetable broth with green beans, carrots, peas, etc. inside

• Any number of small, homemade, crunchy biscuits

As with any treat or at any time, always be sure your dog has plenty of fresh water...especially if he's eating peanut butter. You know how that can be!

What is your pooch's favorite KONG® recipe?