keeping an "intelligent busy" pup out of trouble

Do you have a naughty busy pup on your hands? As a professional pet sitter, I've pretty much seen them in all varieties. There are different kinds of busy. Some can be constructive, but most are either destructive or dangerous, however innocent. This weekend I'm caring for a busy pup. I've been taking care of him for over a year, so I'm on to his antics, as is his family, and they have taken precautions. The special thing about this busy pup is that he's "intelligent busy," which is the most dangerous and destructive kind of all.

I think intelligence is universally valued. But there are cases where taking care of a being with brains is a real challenge, especially when their brains are bigger than their judgement. Take my four-year-old daughter, for example.

On second thought, let's not go there, now.

Let's take the aforementioned pup, instead. He is one of the most loving creatures I've met. Lots of pounds bigger than a lap dog, lap dog. YouknowwhatImean? He whines if your hand is not in contact with his body 100% of the time, and he only breaks contact if he has to eat, drink, or relieve himself, all of which he does with lightening speed so that he can get back in your lap. And crush you.

He's fun and fantastic, though. And his attempts to outsmart his family are in check after lots of trial and error. Think Fort Knox.

Here are some examples of how this family protects themselves from their "intelligent busy" pup:

ImageWhat lengthy measures have you taken to protect your home, your belongings, and your pup (from himself), from your busy pup?