holiday shopping with

Has your pet created his holiday wish list?

If so, you can most likely find everything his heart desires at I love because not only is it an online retailer (so we can skip the crowds at the mall), the website also offers advice, news, and discussions. So it's not all about selling you on stuff, it's about caring for your pet and making sure you can compare products and make the best decision for your pet at a great price. When you search for something, you'll not only get the product matches, but related articles and discussion links. I'm big on research when I purchase something, so I really dig the fact that I can get all the information I need and shop in one place.

You don't have to register to shop at, but, the experience becomes even better, if you do. When you register, you add your pet's information to the site so you can get customized recommendations. Once you make your purchase, will remember what you purchased for each pet, and will even give you an option to set up auto-ship for greater convenience. Just don't give your pet the password, or he might auto-ship himself the holiday loot each month. offers a 100% Guarantee, so if Fluffy changes her mind about that deluxe pet bed you thoughtfully put under the Christmas tree, you can return it within 30 days. 

So, get to shopping, and get free shipping! 

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