top 10 reasons dogs don't bark at santa, according to my kids

While not a prolonged yapper, our dog, N.A.S.H.A., is pretty trigger-happy in the form of short, explosive, unexpected outbursts at nearly anything. So every Christmas Eve, my littles (six and four) debate how in the world N.A.S.H.A. doesn't alert them to Santa's arrival. Sure, she'd quit barking pretty quick once he'd made his entrance; she even barks at us as we approach our own front door. But how Santa gets past N.A.S.H.A.'s initial security checkpoint is under scrutiny. 

Here are the top ten reasons dogs don't bark at Santa, according to my kids:

1. Santa is so super quiet that dogs can't hear him.

2. Santa has magic dust in his pouch that makes dogs fall asleep. Even cats and fish. 

Top 10 Reasons Dogs Don't Bark at Santa, According to My Kids

Top 10 Reasons Dogs Don't Bark at Santa, According to My Kids

3. Santa can turn invisible.

4. Santa goes so fast that he's only in the house for, like, one second, so dogs don't even know he's there.

5. Santa gives dogs their favorite treats–like maybe steak–right when he gets down the chimney so they don't blow his cover. 

6. They don't want to wake up the children.

7. You know, like Silent Night, it has to be silent.

8. Santa is magic. 

9. Dogs just love Santa a lot. 

10. Dogs aren't dumb. Santa brings presents. But they bark at the pizza guy, so maybe that's not a good theory.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas Eve, and hoping your dogs don't scare Santa away!