the bachelor finally gets a dog

I must admit, I've been a fan of The Bachelor since it first aired back before some of you were born or something like that. I actually went to a taping once. Yeah, freakish, huh?

What I've never been a fan of are the weirdo things the hopefuls do to make a great first impression. If you've even seen a season premiere, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Cringe. I hide my eyes. I wasn't sure whether to shudder or cheer during last week's season premiere when Kelly, "dog lover" by profession, brought along her chaperone, Molly the dog, to meet Juan Pablo.

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Even with Kelly's judgement in question, I was thrilled to see Molly, and I can't wait to find out how this all plays out, because Molly and her person received a rose and will be appearing on tonight's episode. I have questions about what is involved in Kelly's occupation as a "dog lover," but I have more questions about how the dating scene will go for Molly:

• Will Molly be willing to "trust" her relationship with Juan Pablo as they scale down the side of an office building on their first date.

• How will Kelly handle a 2-on-1 with Molly as competition?

• When Juan Pablo goes in for that first kiss, will Molly's tongue get in the way?

• Does Molly have the table manners required for a fancy, romantic dining experience, or will she wolf down her food while Kelly and Juan Pablo's plates go untouched?

• Can Molly hold her champagne, or will she get tipsy and scare Juan Pablo off with talk of puppies? 

• Does Molly have the bikini bod required for a steamy hot tub scene?

• If rejected, will Molly go all wild wolf on all the girls, or will she keep her composure?

* How will dropping a load during a romantic stroll on the beach affect her chances?

And, finally...

• Is this dog capable of the cattiness required to appear on the show? 


Good luck, Molly! I'm rooting for you.