holiday pet pampering: #blogpaws gives us the scoop

As part of the Pet Blogger Influencer Group, we recently participated in a survey conducted by Blogpaws, the premier social media company for pets and their people. BlogPaws wanted to know how much pet pampering bet bloggers do during the holidays, and they created a fantastic infographic to broadcast the results.

Of the pet bloggers surveyed:

• Most have a budget between $25-50 to spend on pet gifts, and 28% have spent more than $100 on a single pet gift.

• There is a fairly even split between online and in-store shopping, with an edge given to the brick-and-mortar stores.

• More than half of pet bloggers produce a holiday gift guide, and almost all refer to them.

• More than half of pet bloggers get their pets involved in holiday card giving.

Check out the BlogPaws graphic, below, for the whole scoop.

Happy holidays from Well Minded and the pet blogging community!