my girls. my heart. #recipeformoments

Love is in the air. Around my house, it's less about candlelight and champagne and more about snuggles and slobber. It's about my girls. 

The human-animal bond exhibited by my four-year-old daughter, Campbell, and our family dog, N.A.S.H.A., surpasses any I've seen. It all began the second I brought Campbell home from the hospital as a newborn. We thought our furry "daddy's girl" would be jealous and pay the baby no mind, but the opposite was true. N.A.S.H.A. magnetized to Campbell, and the two have shared the princess throne in our house ever since.

My girls are inseparable. When one moves, the other follows, their lives intertwined whether they are playing or sleeping (or sharing a snack). I often spy on them and try to snap some photos without them knowing. I try to document the wonder that is their love, but I inevitably blow my cover and ruin the moment. I got lucky this week when I caught them snuggling.


N.A.S.H.A. is making her purr noise. Sort-of snort-ish and dog-like, but, still, distinctly a purr. She gives an enormous sigh and feels settled and safe in the arms of Campbell. 

Then, of course, when they caught me looking, they had to ham it up:


As you can see, N.A.S.H.A. does not like being caught in the act. "I roll my eyes at you," she says. Campbell, on the other hand...well, she's just her Campbell self. 

The only thing that gets to my heart deeper than my littles or my pets is a moment with my littles and my pets together. "Does that melt your heart, Mommy?" my daughter asks. 

Why, yes, yes it does.

And, then, when the world starts to calm toward the end of the day and they've both had enough, they're still joined at the hip, literally:


When things gets crazy, I have to just pause and take a moment. Looking at these girls and their bond makes me realize what's really important. They don't pretend or stray. They just simply love.

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