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I think boxing and cage fighting are ridiculous "sports." People have tried to explain to me the strategy involved and how physically fit these people have to be. I can appreciate their fitness, but, beyond that, I'm stumped. Why would people intentionally beat the shit out of each other for "sport?"

At least in boxing and cage fighting, the participants are willing and able to make the choice to fight or not to fight. 

This is not true of dog fighting. Participants are raised as products in miserable conditions and are made to fight whether they like it or not. Kill or be killed. They don't have a choice.


The ASPCA has officially designated April 8th as National Dog Fighting Awareness Day to raise awareness about dog fighting brutality. They are hosting a Google+ Hangout with national experts to discuss the underground world of dog fighting. It will be a fantastic opportunity to learn about the blood sport that is far more prevalent in America than most realize. During the Google+ Hangout, there will be live social media Q&As across Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in which users will be able to submit questions about dog fighting with the hashtag #NDFAD, and a panel of ASPCA experts–moderated by ABC News anchor Dan Harris–will be answering them–live. 

In addition, will feature a wealth of interactive information and an advocacy center on that includes:

• The premiere of a never-before seen short documentary, including undercover footage of dog fights, ASPCA rescue activity at dog fighting raids, and expert insight

• An interactive quiz that debunks common misconceptions about dog fighting and the dogs and people involved in this "sport"

• A "virtual museum" photo gallery of dog fighting and training paraphernalia, including dog treadmills, fighting pits, and narcotics used to increase aggression before a fight

• Profiles of dog fighting victims rescued by the ASPCA

The ASPCA states that "the goal of National Dog Fighting Awareness Day is to elevate the perception of dog fighting from an isolated criminal act to a deep and persistent stain on our national character."

Please join me at the Google+ Hangout on the 8th from 7-8 p.m. EST.

The ASPCA has generously offered Well Minded readers the opportunity to win a National Dog Fighting Awareness Day gift pack. Please enter, spread the word and support this important cause!