#mommybloggerproblems #blameitonthedog

My kids say the darndest things.

Yes. I'm one of those moms that thinks everyone will definitely without a doubt certainly be interested in what Porter (7) and Campbell (5) have to say about any topic. I don't often tell the tales here on the blog (I tell them elsewhere), but last night, as I was reading my children a bedtime story, my phone was "all atwitter" (I had the phone on vibrate, and I wasn't looking at it...don't judge). There was a pause in the action, and then we heard another "buzz." 

Me: Sheesh! Sorry, guys. I need to get this phone out of here. 

Cam: He he hee he he heeee heeeee HEH Heh Heeee. It wasn't your phone, mommy. It was a TOOT! 

Po: hashtag "booty"

Cam: hashtag "itwasthedog"

Po: hashtag "yeahright"

Cam: hashtag "stinky"

Po: hashtag "seriously"

Me: hashtag "gotobed"