well minded's top 10 tuesday: our favorite pet finds this week (May 5)

I see so many great pet stories, videos, products, and blog posts each week, so I've compiled this week's favorites. It's a little bit of this and a little bit of that...some old, some new, some tried, all true! 

1. cat on a trampoline

This one's been bouncing around a lot this week. I wouldn't recommend doing this, but the consensus among commenters is that the cat is enjoying himself. I'm not sure I agree. Let's hope he doesn't lose a claw. What do you think? Courtesy of silverlinefarms.

2. families learn a valuable lesson when a pet store secretly replaces all the animals with rescues

This touching story from Associaçåo Quatro Patinas out of Brazil via Reshareworthy shows that "better than buying a life is saving one."

3. adorable dog plays ping-pong

Huff Post Green shared this amazing video via AFV Approved. I aspire to be as good at ping-pong as this pooch!

4. dog barks at own hiccups

I know, I know...you've already seen it. This video by Matthew Kennelly is too good not to share, just in case you haven't. And if you have, wouldn't you like to see it again, and again?

5. when you check to see if your girlfriend is still mad at you–meme

This meme by kadavirus on meme center struck me as hilarious this week.


6. dog hilariously blames another dog for pooping in the kitchen

Who pooped in the kitchen? We find out in this gut-busting video from Judy the Terrier via Petcha.com

7. plastic bottle recycling bin feeds stray dogs

This touching video via Time out of Istanbul, Turkey, shows a recycling bin that helps feed some of the estimated 150,000 stray dogs in the region. And the video makes me cry every time I watch it. What an amazing invention.

8. using humor to protect ugly animals, because they can't all be as cute as pandas

I love this summary via PBS News Hour of Simon Watt's book "Ugly Animals: We Can't All Be Pandas." Shouldn't we have equal rights for all?

9. brimley's massive smile, secret to his social success

First of all, what a great, unique looking cat! But when you hear his story via Animal Planet, it will melt your heart. We love Brimley!


10. run, walter, run!

I want to be Walter in Italy. Don't you? Amazing and surprisingly inspiring GoPro video from sicu89. What will you do with reckless abandon today?

Which is your favorite?

Have a killer pet find to submit for our top 10 tuesday? Please let me know!