10 reasons being a dog's mom is better than being a kid's mom

Some of us choose to be dog moms, some of us choose to be kid moms, and some of us (like me) choose both. Have you ever considered the similarities and differences or stopped to consider what you got yourself into?

A few days ago, I had lunch with my friend, Amanda, of Dog Mom Days. It was the first time we'd met in person after following each other's blogs and then realizing we lived close to one another. Since we bloggers are often buried in our computers, it was nice to take our "online relationship" to the next level–so to speak. She brought her dog, Wynston, along, mostly because I told her the date was off if she didn't. The three of us had a fabulous lunch, and Amanda and I chatted afterwards while Wynston occupied himself by staring at the man with the chicken salad at the table next to us.

Amanda of Dog Mom Days (left) and me (the other one).

Amanda of Dog Mom Days (left) and me (the other one).

Aside from the fact that Amanda is intelligent, a talented writer, and a lot of fun to talk to, one of the things I like best about her is that she's unapologetic about the fact that she chooses to be a dog mom rather than a kid mom. Wynston is her "son," and she does much of what we do for our human kids with Wynston, such as providing him great care, many toys, and a variety of extracurricular activities. Wynston likes modeling and agility class. And staring at strangers with chicken salad.

Amanda's son, Wynston is hard to resist.

Amanda's son, Wynston is hard to resist.

So in honor of Amanda and the other dog moms out there, I was inspired to jot down a few reasons why being a dog's mom is better than being a kid's mom just in time for Mother's Day.

10 reasons being a dog's mom is better than being a kid's mom

1. No pregnancy, labor, or delivery. (Are you sold already?)

2. If they barf, they usually eat it, so cleanup is minimal.

3. You can cuss in front of them without fearing they'll repeat it.

4. If you have more than one, their arguments are usually quick and dirty, so there's no need to referee.

5. If they think you're fat, they keep their mouths shut.

6. They come the first time you call them for dinner, and they clean their plates with no expectation of dessert.

7. After six months of age, they never outgrow their clothes.

8. They don't hog the electronics.

9. You can put a leash on them without looking like a total parental failure.

10. When they get older, they still kiss you, even if their friends are watching.

Happy Mother's Day to all of the dog and kid moms out there! What's your favorite thing about being a dog mom?