dna testing catches doggie doo-doo violators

As a professional pet sitter, I make it a point to carry doo-doo cleanup bags, poo bags, excrement exterminators–whatever you like to call them–with me every single time I walk a dog. Most of my clients provide them either tied to a leash or in a nifty little bag holder roll. If not, I have a bunch in my car to use as backup. It is unacceptable to leave dog poop just lying around.

DNA Testing Catches Doggie Doo-doo Violators.  Sign image source: dogtime.com.

DNA Testing Catches Doggie Doo-doo Violators. Sign image source: dogtime.com.

That being said, it absolutely blows my mind how much dog poop I see when I'm out walking. I don't get it. Are people just lazy? Or do they think there is a magic poop fairy that will come remove the waste for them? 

I notice that this violation occurs mostly in apartment complexes, which further baffles me. Most complexes provide dog poop "stations," complete with bags and trash cans just for this purpose. Some even have hand sanitizer! They couldn't make it any easier for dog owners to keep waste under control, yet, still, there is lays. 

Some apartment complexes are now requiring that resident dogs take a DNA test upon moving in. This is happening mostly in larger cities, where population is most dense. More people = more dogs = more dog poop. Makes sense! This DNA test typically costs the dog owner about $30. If a pile of poop is discovered, it can then be sent to a facility that tests dog poop (yes, there are a handful of companies that specialize in this) such as PooPrints. If the dog owner in violation pops up in the database, the apartment complex charges fees, which can really add up, and typically total about $100 per violation. Fines will often go up for repeat offenders, and eviction is also out on the table. 

PooPrints reports that communities who use their program see a 95% reduction in pet waste! It seems the threat of hefty fines keeps these lazy dog owners in line, for the most part.

What do you think about DNA testing of dog poop? Do you live in a community where this is enacted?