the aspca reminds us about summer safety for pets: the top 5 summer hazards

With good reason, we often focus our pet safety efforts around 4th of July celebrations. The threat is real, as more pets go missing on that day of the year than any other. They flee because they are frightened and don't understand the loud noises from fireworks and the like. In addition to Independence Day dangers, summer, as a whole, can be a dangerous time for pets, so there are other summer hazards we need to consider. The ASPCA has created an infographic outlining the top five. 

The ASPCA reminds us of the top five summer hazards for pets. Please keep your pets safe this season!

The ASPCA reminds us of the top five summer hazards for pets. Please keep your pets safe this season!

consider your particular climate and protect your pets from summer hazards

Here in Phoenix, Arizona, where temps commonly reach over 110° throughout the summer, we take special care to make sure our pets are safe. Though the extreme heat may seem more hazardous to our pets (and it can be if we don't take precautions), sometimes I think the extreme heat is a benefit. We don't mess around. There is NO QUESTION that our pets should not be left in a car or stand on concrete that can burn your skin off in a matter of seconds. Responsible pet owners keep their pets indoors, keep them well hydrated, and keep them protected.

In other regions, where it gets hot, but to a lesser degree, pets may be in even more danger. We may not think it's hazardous to keep Fido outside for an all-day celebration in 85° weather, but, in reality, he can become distressed and dehydrated quickly.

It's important to be mindful of your particular climate and know how it will affect your pets. Take all necessary precautions, as your pets are depending on you. 

How do you keep your pets safe during the summer?

satisfy your pet's holiday wish list and support the aspca, plus a #giveaway

Isn't it great to kill two birds with one stone?

Well, not know we're all about loving on birds, but you know what I mean. This holiday season, the ASPCA is making it easy to give to your own pets and pet lovers and to pets in need. They have put together a fantastic list of gift ideas for pets and pet lovers as well as some fun DIY gift ideas.

One of my favorite DIY gift ideas presented by the ASPCA won't cost you a dime and will be loved by nearly any pooch. Check out the instructions for making a t-shirt chew toy:

The color possibilities are endless, and it's free, so why not make a bunch for your dog to give to his furry friends?

For your feline friends, the ASPCA has suggested this awesome and affordable Catnip Toy 6-Pack. The pack includes two each of three distinctly different mouse styles, and a portion of the purchase price directly benefits the ASPCA's efforts in rescuing, rehabilitating and finding loving permanent homes for animals all across the United States. Other great gift ideas that benefit the ASPCA include:

Dog 10-Piece Gift Set

Taj Ma Hound Doggy Donuts

Cat Play Ball

The ASPCA has some great gift ideas for pet lovers, too! 

If you're looking for something with a little bling for that pet lover in your life, Zales has a magnificent ASPCA collection. With prices starting under $50, these beautiful pieces are definitely worth checking out.

Other gift ideas for the pet lover in your life include:

Walkers Shortbread Cookies

Commonwealth Toys Plush Pets

In the spirit of giving, the ASPCA has offered Well Minded readers the chance to win an ASPCA Holiday Gift Pack! The gift pack includes:

• ASPCA Logo Travel Mug

• ASPCA Canvas Tote

• Walkers Shortbread Scottie Dog Cookies

• Commonwealth Toys Plush Set

• "Hello" Fresh Breath Products

• Swiffer Cleaning Products

• Catnip Toy 6-Pack

• Taj Ma Hound Doggy Donuts

• Cat Play Ball

• Squeeze Dumbell Dog Toy

• ASPCA Fleece Blanket

Whew! How generous! U.S. residents may enter, below, and show your support for the ASPCA by doing a bit of holiday shopping in their online store.

And there's even more holiday fun to be had! Join the #SantaPaws Holiday Twitter party and giveaway extravaganza on Thursday, December 18th from 7-8 p.m. EST and enter the ASPCA holiday pet photo contest by sharing a photo of your pet celebrating the holidays!

All images courtesy of the ASPCA.

help the aspca raise awareness about dog fighting and enter our #NDFAD #giveaway

I think boxing and cage fighting are ridiculous "sports." People have tried to explain to me the strategy involved and how physically fit these people have to be. I can appreciate their fitness, but, beyond that, I'm stumped. Why would people intentionally beat the shit out of each other for "sport?"

At least in boxing and cage fighting, the participants are willing and able to make the choice to fight or not to fight. 

This is not true of dog fighting. Participants are raised as products in miserable conditions and are made to fight whether they like it or not. Kill or be killed. They don't have a choice.


The ASPCA has officially designated April 8th as National Dog Fighting Awareness Day to raise awareness about dog fighting brutality. They are hosting a Google+ Hangout with national experts to discuss the underground world of dog fighting. It will be a fantastic opportunity to learn about the blood sport that is far more prevalent in America than most realize. During the Google+ Hangout, there will be live social media Q&As across Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in which users will be able to submit questions about dog fighting with the hashtag #NDFAD, and a panel of ASPCA experts–moderated by ABC News anchor Dan Harris–will be answering them–live. 

In addition, will feature a wealth of interactive information and an advocacy center on that includes:

• The premiere of a never-before seen short documentary, including undercover footage of dog fights, ASPCA rescue activity at dog fighting raids, and expert insight

• An interactive quiz that debunks common misconceptions about dog fighting and the dogs and people involved in this "sport"

• A "virtual museum" photo gallery of dog fighting and training paraphernalia, including dog treadmills, fighting pits, and narcotics used to increase aggression before a fight

• Profiles of dog fighting victims rescued by the ASPCA

The ASPCA states that "the goal of National Dog Fighting Awareness Day is to elevate the perception of dog fighting from an isolated criminal act to a deep and persistent stain on our national character."

Please join me at the Google+ Hangout on the 8th from 7-8 p.m. EST.

The ASPCA has generously offered Well Minded readers the opportunity to win a National Dog Fighting Awareness Day gift pack. Please enter, spread the word and support this important cause!