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While some dogs have stomachs of steel, some don't. It can quickly become apparent when we've transitioned our dogs to a new food too quickly. While they pay in discomfort, we pay in messy clean-up duties. And nobody wants that. The two most important things to focus on when transitioning your pooch to a new food are QUANTITY (how quickly you transition) and QUALITY (how healthy the food is). When you transition your dog gradually to a food that has limited, quality ingredients, you set him up for success.

How to Transition Your Dog to a New Food.

How to Transition Your Dog to a New Food.

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quantity: how to make the transition

Any time you switch your dog's food, it's important to make the transition slowly for two reasons.

1. Your dog will likely be more accepting of the new food.

2. Your dog's digestive system will have time to ease into the new situation, which is especially important for dogs with sensitive tummies.

I suggest a 1/4 over 4 days formula, which will gradually transition your pet over the course of 12 days. You'll switch 1/4 of your dog's food to the new food for four days, then increase the amount of new food by 1/4 every four days. It looks like this:

How to Transition Your Pet to a New Food Chart.

How to Transition Your Pet to a New Food Chart.

quality: what you transition to matters

I am a firm believer that the quality of food you feed your dog affects their overall health. A poor quality diet (I'm not naming names) means your dog won't shine–literally. If you notice the dull coat and lack of energy on the outside, what do you think is going on on the inside? 

Instead, do your research and read the ingredient list. Make sure the food your select for your dog is of the highest quality. What's not in the food is as important as what is in the food. Pinnacle® Pet Food is a great example of a high quality food that will provide your dog with the energy and nutrients he needs to be active and healthy. We've recently transitioned N.A.S.H.A. to Pinnacle's duck and sweet potato formula. 

We believe in canine rotational feeding, which means N.A.S.H.A. is fed a few different high-quality foods, and we transition her frequently. We feel that this keeps her interested in eating and since each food has something a bit different to offer, we feel that it keeps her healthier. We have a few favorites that we come back to, and grain-free Pinnacle is now in our lineup.

Pinnacle is offered in several different recipes.

Pinnacle is offered in several different recipes.

what's great about pinnacle

Pinnacle is all about holistic pet nutrition, an approach that focuses on the overall health of the pet. They say:

Natural foods, carefully chosen and meticulously cooked, are the basis of the Pinnacle concept. Our precise preparation and packaging of high quality natural sources of protein, carbohydrates and fats makes sure the full value of our fine ingredients remains intact for your pet's benefit. The vitamins, minerals, and probiotics found in Pinnacle foods are in to provide a balanced diet for complete nutrition. We've also taken great care to make sure that Pinnacle is made with limited ingredients, so even pets with sensitive systems may enjoy the fine flavors and health benefits of Pinnacle's superior ingredients...Our goal is to provide you with a clear choice of optimum nutrition so that your dog and cat will benefit from good health.

In order to have a healthier, more active, and happier dog, food choice is key. We tried Pinnacle's duck and sweet potato recipe, which has healthy ingredients focused on nutritional balance. And since the food is made in their California plant, they have complete control over production.

what's inside pinnacle's duck and sweet potato recipe?

• duck–provides an excellent source of protein that your pet needs to be active

• sweet potato–antioxidant-rich to support a healthy immune system

• quinoa seed–contains amino acids to support muscle development, essential for keeping active

• peas, canola oil, flax seed, and kelp meal–antioxidant-rich ingredients to support your dog's immune system and overall health

• fiber–essential for healthy digestion

N.A.S.H.A., eager to give Pinnacle a try.

N.A.S.H.A., eager to give Pinnacle a try.

the results of N.A.S.H.A.'s transition

First and foremost, N.A.S.H.A. loved the duck and sweet potato formula. We transitioned her gradually according to my formula, and, as we always do, we mixed in turmeric and apple cider vinegar. She took right to it and seemed very excited about the new culinary adventure. Most of the food she eats has either chicken, beef, or salmon as the meat-sourced protein, so duck is a fairly unique variety for her. 

N.A.S.H.A. loves to go on family hikes.

N.A.S.H.A. loves to go on family hikes.

N.A.S.H.A. is a ten-year-old mixed terrier. Though she's getting on in years, her little legs keep up with our active family. And thank goodness it's fall so we can be more active outdoors. Those of us from Phoenix go into an indoor hibernation-like state during the sweltering summers, so fall is our time to shine. Whether she joins us for a family hike, splashes around in the pool, or plays catch (yes, she throws back, so it's more than fetch), she keeps busy and has a healthy, active lifestyle. We want to keep it that way, so we do a lot of research on the food we feed her. Her diet has to sustain her activity level and support her health as she's approaching her senior-ish (shhhhhh) years. Pinnacle is great for all life stages and definitely fits in with our standards for superior holistic pet nutrition, so we're happy to add it to our rotation. 

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Do you have an active dog who depends on great nutrition? What qualities do you look for when choosing a healthy pet food?


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