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Just when I thought all angles in the dry dog food world had been covered, along comes a brand new line of all-natural, premium-quality food from Weruva, a family-owned pet food company. We are always interested in learning about healthy pet food, but before N.A.S.H.A. and I even checked out Weruva® Caloric Melody™, I was impressed, as these friendly people sent us a hand-written note of appreciation just for giving their new food a shot. That personal touch tells me Weruva doesn't just say they care. They really do!

A balanced dog is a Weruva Dog!

A balanced dog is a Weruva Dog!

This post is sponsored by Weruva® and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network™. I am being compensated to help create awareness about the launch of Weruva's new Caloric Harmony™ and Caloric Melody™ Dry Dog Food, but we only share information that we feel is relevant to our readers. Weruva is not responsible for the content of this article.

what is weruva caloric harmony and caloric melody?

Weruva Caloric Harmony and Caloric Melody are brand new on the scene. Their focus is not just on caloric intake, but on WHERE those calories come from. Nutrition matters for our dogs just as it does for us. When we choose–say–300 calories of vegetables vs. 300 calories of potato chips, our bodies thank us by operating at a higher level. Dogs have nutritional needs, as well, so making sure the calories they consume are coming from the right places is important for energy, overall health, and vitality.

achieving balanced canine nutrition

Weruva's New Caloric Harmony and Caloric Melody are about balanced nutrition for your dog. Image source: weruva.com

Weruva's New Caloric Harmony and Caloric Melody are about balanced nutrition for your dog. Image source: weruva.com

Weruva is rolling out their brand new line of premium dog food with the goal of providing our dogs the nutrition they need for optimum health. They explain that your dog's calories come from three places: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. More calories should come from protein than fat, and more calories should come from fat than from carbohydrates. Achieving the right balance is important for proper nutrition. 

what makes weruva's caloric harmony and caloric melody so special?

I won't feed N.A.S.H.A. any food that compromises on quality. Weruva's new line meets our standards because it is all-natural and uses quality ingredients. It is important to us, too, that as a family-owned pet food manufacturer for over ten years Weruva uses ethical practices. We've been trying out the Weruva Caloric Melody Lamb Dinner with Lentils formula, which N.A.S.H.A. really digs! But what makes it so special?


• the main source of calories is protein, as it should be in a balanced canine diet

• there is no potato, wheat, corn, or soy

• there are no artificial flavors or artificial preservatives

• pumpkin is added for healthy digestion 

• seaweed is added for natural prebiotic action

• includes  salmon oil, linoleic acid, zinc, and B vitamins for healthy skin and coat.

• low fat

• low ash content

• gluten-free

• low-glycemic level to help maintain steady energy

• responsibly-sourced ingredients

N.A.S.H.A. seems to really love the Caloric Melody. She's pretty picky about food. There are three levels for her.


1. I smell it and walk away and refuse to eat it even if I starve to death.

2. I smell it and walk away, but I'll be back later when I'm super hungry. It will be consumed for survival.

3. I smell it and immediately dig in, whether I'm hungry or not, and then I beg for more, driving my mommy crazy by punching her in the leg while she's trying to work.

Weruva's Caloric Melody falls into category three. N.A.S.H.A simply loves it, and I can feel great about feeding it to her. It's a win-win! Except my leg is getting sore...

how can i learn more and purchase some for my pooch?

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10 reasons to go grain-free for your dog with #DiamondNaturals

10ReasonsToGoGrainFreeAs with just about everything these days, whether or not to put your dog on a grain-free diet is hotly debated, as is every argument within the debate. We should feel lucky that we have so many high-quality options when it comes to providing nourishment for our canine family members. Though there are many options out there, and you should always choose a diet for your dog based on your dog's individual needs, providing a high-quality, grain-free diet like Diamond Naturals Grain Free is an excellent option for most dogs. Here are the top ten reasons to go grain-free:

1. A grain-free diet is more closely associated with a canine's natural diet. Before being domesticated, dogs ate a protein-centric diet composed almost entirely of meat. The little grain they did eat mostly came from the stomach contents of the animals the consumed. Going grain-free is only natural.

2. Your dog will have more energy. Protein is the main source of energy for dogs. Since they tend to turn their noses up at tofu and beans, your best bet may be to maximize their protein intake with a meat-based diet. A diet that includes low-quality grains (fillers) won't really provide your pooch with the energy he needs since it will mostly come out as waste. It echoes the way humans consume. If we eat a low-quality, high-carbohydrate diet, we stay hungry and we don't have the energy we need to get through the day. And it comes out as waste.

3. Your dog will shed less and have a healthier coat. Consuming low-quality grains on a regular basis does not provide your dog with the proper oils and nutrients she needs to maintain healthy skin and coat. Healthy coats are shiny and stick with your dog, mostly. We all shed some, but think about how one of the first signs of human malnutrition is brittle, breaking hair and hair loss. Same with dogs. The easy-to-digest animal fats in grain-free dog foods such as Diamond Naturals include the necessary oil to your dog's diet that is key to a healthy coat.

4. Dogs on a grain-free diet have fewer allergies. Most canine allergies are associated with the grains in dog food. A grain-free diet is usually the best choice for an allergic pooch, and is, in my opinion, the first thing a dog owner should try before subjecting their dog to allergy medications and bold lifestyle changes.

5. Dogs on a grain-free diet enjoy better health. Consuming low-quality grains that are included in low-quality foods are of no benefit to your animal. The dog foods that include these fillers often include other harmful ingredients such as chemical preservatives and artificial colors. Your dog definitely doesn't need those! These types of chemical additives are linked to cancer, liver problems, joint degeneration, and a whole host of other health issues. Most grain-free foods are high-quality. You can be fairly certain that when the grains come out, so does the other junk. Dogs on a grain-free diet might enjoy more energy, fewer allergies, better weight management, and a healthier digestive system.

6. Dogs on a grain-free diet have better breath. Nutrition has a huge impact on dental health, both for humans and dogs. If your pooch is eating a high-quality grain-free diet, odds are, he will enjoy better dental health. If his teeth aren't rotting, his breath will be better, of course.

7. Grain-free dog foods are thought to be more easily digested. Some argue that dogs simply can't digest grains. I believe that this can be partially true. High-quality grains can add fiber to your dog's diet, which can be beneficial. Not to get too personal, but we all know that some of the things we eat come out just as they went in (I'm not the only one, right?). That's okay. We may not be gaining nutrition, but we are gaining fiber. The problem? Most undigestible material in dog food is low-quality. They need a bit of high-quality fiber. So if you feed your dog a grain-free diet and feel that she needs more fiber, try pumpkin!

8. Dogs on a grain-free diet produce less poop. It's true. It really is. I know–first hand–because I alternate my dog between high-quality grains and grain-free foods. And I pick up her poop. It's smaller and less frequent when she's going grain-free. This theory is reinforced by the animals I see as a professional pet sitter. Dogs on high-quality grain-free diets poop less. And toot less. They use more of what's in the food to help their bodies go, so less waste comes out. Does Walter the Farting Dog live in your house? Try going grain-free, and I'll betcha things will get better.

9. The poop produced stinks less. One of the most glamorous parts of my job is scooping the treasures left by my sweet canine clients. I have become somewhat of an excrement expert and can confidently tell you that the poop produced by my clients on a heavily-processed, low-quality diet filled with grain fillers such as corn, gluten, or wheat flour have gaggy-stink poop that can be smelled for miles when the wind picks up. Even if the pet owner hasn't revealed the brand of food they feed their dog, I can almost always tell if it's one of the worst. Kinda like when you eat Taco Bell and then the next day...well, you get the idea.

10. Dogs on a grain-free diet consume less food. For sure. They get more energy from the food they are eating, so they consume less. I have personally tested this theory when I switch my dog from high-quality grain foods to grain-free. She eats WAY less on the grain-free food. I feed her a small amount twice a day, and she's good to go. Sometimes she doesn't even eat it all. When she's on the food that includes grain, even though it's high-quality, she eats more and begs for snacks between meals. A grain-free diet can help with weight management AND finances because our pooches consume less. For tips on how to find an affordable, grain-free food, please check out grain-free dog food that doesn't break the bank.

DiamondNaturals850x315IIDiamond Naturals Grain Free has three high-protein grain-free choices. Beef & Sweet Potato, Chicken & Sweet Potato, and Whitefish & Sweet Potato. Real beef, chicken, and fish protein sources not only provide your dog with the energy he needs, but are a natural source of amino acids. And the sweet potato provides complex carbohydrates so your dog can keep his energy level up throughout the day. The fruits and vegetables in each variety are a great source of antioxidants and fiber for optimal health.

Going grain-free with a food like Diamond Naturals Grain Free is an excellent choice for most dogs. Have you gone grain-free? Tell me your experiences! But let's not go all congress on me, okay? I've had about enough of that, regardless of which side you're on.

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Diamond Naturals as part of the Blog Paws Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Diamond Naturals Grain Free dog food, but well minded word only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Diamond Naturals is not responsible for the content of this article.