i broke down: Shamrock Farms'® new flavored sour cream

A couple of months ago, I was invited to tour Shamrock Farms, a leading local dairy farm. The farm is fairly large, and, as I expressed when I toured, I think that, while at the facility, the dairy cows are treated very well, considering the production volume. ImageWhen I visited, I was invited to try Shamrock Farms' newest product, then in development, their flavored sour cream. The three exciting flavors were released into stores this week (I saw them at my local grocery store, so it's for reals), but my family and I had the privilege of sampling them a couple of weeks ago ('cause we're just cool like that).

As you may know, I've been working toward living a vegan lifestyle, so, yes, I was a bit conflicted about consuming sour cream, not something I frequently do, but in the name of product research and deliciousness, I caved.

The flavored sour cream comes in three varieties: Creamy Ranch, French Onion, and my absolute favorite, Zesty Jalapeño. I thought about making something fancy and complex, but reconsidered. I wanted to taste this new product for what it really was, especially if I was falling off the wagon in it's honor. So I made tacos.

ImageWe frequently make vegan tacos, but this time, we went vegetarian. I use a "meat-ish" base of tempeh, onion, and taco seasoning, and even our meat-eating friends think it's delish. They don't just say that. They actually have seconds. We put on all the trimmings, then topped each taco with a large dollop of zesty jalapeño sour cream.

YUM. I loved this flavor best because it is so flavorful, with real bits of jalapeño, and, well, zesty, as described, but just when you think it's going to be too spicy, the creaminess mellows it all out. Even our littles loved it!

Shamrock Farms' new flavored sour creams are currently prominently displayed on a front end-cap in my local grocery store, and I noticed when I was there yesterday that each one had a nice little coupon attached. You can also print a coupon from the Shamrock Farms Web Site. If you visit the site, you can also check out serving suggestions. And if you're so inclined, enter the "Dip. Mix. Top." contest.

Enjoy! And if you're falling off the wagon like I did, don't feel too guilty. Sometimes it's worth it!

Disclaimer: Shamrock Farms provided me with sour cream samples in exchange for my honest opinion.