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 It's unfortunate that it has become downright scary to feed our pets these days. Not only do we now worry more about nutrients and the quality of the ingredients, but we have to make sure the food we are feeding our pets hasn't been recalled due to contamination. It's alarming to hear about recall after recall. Pet food manufacturers are realizing how damaging these recalls can be, and reputable ones are taking drastic steps to ensure the safety of their food.

Diamond Pet Foods, who manufactures their pet food in the USA and has just introduced Diamond Naturals Grain Free, is one such company. Their commitment to food safety means that they are producing a product that we can trust. They say:

At Diamond Pet Foods, nothing is more important to us than the safety of our products. We adhere to stringent and scientifically advanced food safety protocols. We constantly monitor and test our raw materials, production environment, processes and finished products. By continuously improving performance with the latest advancements in science and technology, we've developed a comprehensive food safety system.

So what is their food safety program all about?

• on-site product testing: They test and monitor every part of the manufacturing process, including pre-production and post-production.

• mycotoxin control: Diamond Pet Foods describes mycotoxins as "toxic chemicals produced by fungi that can appear in grains." They allow no grain ingredients to enter their facilities without being thoroughly analyzed, and they perform 1,075 mycotoxin tests every week.

• microbial control and testing: The dreaded word we all hear is "salmonella." By adhering to a strict environmental monitoring program, Diamond Pet Foods analyzes the processing areas during production and after cleaning and sanitation. They conduct extensive tests, and ingredients must have a Certificate of Analysis, proving to be salmonella negative before being submitted to a Diamond Pet Foods Facility.

photo courtesy of Diamond Pet Foods

photo courtesy of Diamond Pet Foods

 * water and air quality: Integral in pet food manufacturing, Diamond Pet Foods uses a reverse osmosis water purification process and their zonally segregated manufacturing facilities are equipped with HEPA® filters.

• test and hold program: No food is distributed without certified, independent laboratory tests. 

• independent good manufacturing practices audits: Every Diamond Pet Foods facility undergoes an annual Good Manufacturing Practices audit to verify that the pet food produced has the "identity, strength, composition, quality, and purity that it is represented to possess."  

• state-of-the-art facilities in the United States: With Diamond Pet Foods, we can rest assured that all manufacturing is done in the US and is carefully monitored and tracked.



All of these practices help to ensure that the Diamond Pet Foods we choose to feed our pets are safe as well as nutritious. After researching their newest food, Diamond Naturals Grain Free in terms of safety, affordability, and nutrition, I felt confident letting N.A.S.H.A. try it when Diamond Pet Foods sent me a sample. Not only did I feel that she was getting a high-quality, safe food, but she was more than happy to partake and gave her review with a jump-up-and-spin, full-motion tail wag, and quick gobble. Diamond Naturals Grain Free passed the taste test, too.


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