i didn't know we had a cat and other inspirations from my daughter

Somehow children can cut to the chase of complicated situations.

This past week has been a bit emotional for our family. On top of our busy circus escapades, we said goodbye to visiting family, which was really tough. We're also going through some family drama that I won't bore you with. Suffice it to say that I've been a bit emotional. There's also some tough stuff happening to some longtime friends that weighs heavily on us, which I'll choose not to exploit. Oh, and some disheartening news on another front. You don't want the details. Trust me.

It's been a rough week. 

My hubby, Big, who typically trudges through like a champion, shed a few tears as his brother drove away after a week-long visit. My attempts at comfort were appreciated, but only Campbell, our five-year-old daughter, could do the trick with her infinite wisdom.

If you want to see someone, just see them.

If you want to see someone, just see them.

Daddy, I know you're so sad about your brother leaving. What you should do is just pretend he's still here. Then you can see him whenever you want. Any time. That's what I do about the cat. Because Mommy won't let me get a cat, so I pretend I have a cat, and then I can see him any time. His name is Shadow, and he's really cute and I love him. So if you want to see someone, just see them. 

Duh. Why didn't we think of that?

So now I know we have a cat. But we don't, really, and if you've been following along for some time you know that there's a good reason why we don't have a cat

The moral of the story? Fake it 'til you make it. It's okay to feel sad for what you've lost. And sometimes it's okay to pretend it's there, if it makes you feel better. 

Thanks, Cam.