dear lady selling her kids' guinea pig

I belong to a local group on Facebook that allows folks in our community to post things they have for sale, things they would like to trade, or things they are in search of. I've never sold or purchased anything from the group, but occasionally people are in search of a pet sitter, so I chime in where appropriate. People put all sorts of things on the site.

This morning I saw something for sale that disgusted me. 

Guinea pig. One year old. Sweet. The kids have simply "outgrown it." Paid $80 for everything...offering pet and cage and everything for a mere $60. 

I paraphrase, but you get the gist. The "outgrown it" part is a direct quote. 

I wonder how one outgrows a pet. I looked up the definition of "outgrow", just to make sure I'm not off-base or insensitive.




grow too big for (something). leave behind as one matures. grow faster or taller than.

So to outgrow a guinea pig or any other pet, it would require one to either grow too large for the animal or mature beyond the capacity to care for it. 

Let's cut the crap, lady.

Let's be clear.

Dear Lady Selling her Guinea Pig,

You didn't do the research any person should do when accepting a new pet into the household. You didn't realize how much time and care a guinea pig would require, and when your kids didn't pull their load, you were not "mature" enough to parent them and help them understand their responsibility, or–at the very least–take over their responsibility to make sure that the animal survives and thrives. You hold no love for or bond with this animal. You see it as a "thing" rather than a "being." Not only are you trying to find any old other home for this animal, you are also trying to make some money back on this living thing. 

Not that I'm judging.

Let's hope this guinea pig hits the lottery and finds a home much more loving than the one you and your rapidly excelling children have provided. Let's hope this little one finds a family who understands that a pet is not a thing. It's a living being with feelings. 

Let's hope that the person who "buys" your guinea pig understands the life span and care required before taking on the task. I doubt you'll screen for that, so we'll all have to cross our fingers.

Let's hope that their children won't "outgrow" the pet. 

Your children must be quite advanced. I know quite a few adults and children who have managed to stick by their pets through the years despite strides in maturity and physical growth.

So, lady, you suck.

I hope you outgrow your immaturity and lack of compassion and void of responsibility.

I congratulate your adorable guinea pig and wish him well in his new life. Please pass that on to him, if you will.