poop disposal: let's get it right

Picking up your dog's poop is part of being a responsible pet owner. People who don't are simply disgusting and self-centered (yes, I'm judging). It's very common for us to save our plastic grocery bags for just that purpose. We feel like we're putting them to good use, right? Recycling? And it's easy to just grab one or two on our way out the door. What we are really doing is putting the most biodegradable, natural (though bacteria-filled) material in the world into one of the most permanent, environmentally-damaging receptacles in existence. Oops. Don't feel too guilty. I've done it a time or two, myself.

Since just leaving the excrement where it's deposited isn't an option (no, really), what can we do? Enter the biodegradable poop bag. Some degrade faster than others, and there are more features (extra long for extra protection, scented, etc....hmmm, this is getting interesting) than you can imagine. We like Earth Rated Poop Bags. If they aren't carried in a store near you, you can purchase them online.

Though the grocery bags are convenient, you and the environment are much better off investing a few dollars in reusable grocery bags and ditching the hole-filled freebies. Purchasing biodegradable poop bags is quite economical–usually only a few dollars for more than a hundred bags! And you'll feel so much better.

Well Minded uses biodegradable bags for dog walks and litter scooping whenever possible, and, as always, if you provide the biodegradable bags for us to use, you get a dollar-a-day credit on your invoice, which would most likely pay for your bags, anyway.