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Why is hiring a pet sitter my best option?

You care about your pets like you would your children and want to make sure they are happy and healthy while you're away. Although kenneling may be an acceptable option for some pets, the majority of animals do much better when left in the home environment with familiar objects and smells. Their normal routine can be followed more closely, which helps them feel more secure. Diet, medication, and exercise routines are maintained, and your pet gets one-on-one attention. Exposure to illness is minimized, and the trauma of travel is eliminated. Plus, you won't have to worry about imposing on a family member, friend, or neighbor.  


Okay, so hiring a pet sitter sounds like a great idea. Why should I choose Well Minded?

We're a small company, and your pets will receive personalized undivided attention and will be cared for by someone experienced with almost all types of animals with all sorts of personalities. Your pet will be seen by the same pet sitter each time (barring emergency or the rare vacation). Our pets are as individual as we are. The type of care Well Minded can provide is second only to you.  


Are you bonded and insured? 



Can you handle my pet's special needs? 

We are experienced in caring for animals with special needs, both physical and emotional, and will work with you to be sure we completely understand the special care your pet requires. We can administer medication, including injections. If your pet's issue is new to us, we'll be happy to learn all about it so that we can provide your pet with the highest quality of consistent care in your absence. 


Can you make longer visits that your service list specifies? 

Absolutely. We can custom tailor visits to the needs of your pet, should you desire something outside the scope of our listed services.  


You don't service our area. Will you make an exception?

e occasionally take on clients outside of our service area (as long as you are super awesome, which I'm sure you are). Additional charges will likely apply.


What if my pet has to go to the vet while in your care? 

We hope that doesn't happen, but we collect all of your pet's veterinarian contact information at the initial consultation, so we'll try our best to take your pet to his own doc if the need arises. We are established with most local vets and know where to go for 24-hour vet care if your pet is unable to see his regular vet. We will always attempt to contact you before taking your pet to the vet.


Are you security-conscious? 

We feel that security is just as important as the care we provide for your pets. We drive unmarked cars, we do not speak to neighbors about your absence unless instructed to do so, and your key is kept in a lock box when not in use. According to your instructions, we will rotate lights and drapery to give your home a lived-in look, and, of course, collect newspapers, fliers, and packages that arrive while you are away. 


Will you keep my key for future service periods? 

At request or by default, we will keep your key for future service periods. Should you like your key returned in-between service periods, we are happy pick up and drop off your key. There is a $10 fee per trip, which will be added to the invoice for that service period (no charge to return your key after the initial service period).  


How do I request service? 

If you are a brand-new client, we'll need to come to your home for a free consultation prior to your first departure. At that time, we will get to know you and your pet(s), fill out all necessary paperwork to establish you as a client of Well Minded, you can show us around so we know where things are, and you can provide us with a key.  Within 24-hours of our initial meeting, you'll receive an itemized email confirmation for your initial service period.

If you are an established client, then all you have to do is let us know you need service. You may do so via phone, text, email, or through the secure client area of our web site.  

Please understand that no booking is confirmed until you receive an email confirmation. 


Do you take last minute bookings?  Do you charge a fee for that?

We are usually able to accept last minute bookings, and we do not charge an additional fee. If we're available, then we'll help you! Please understand that we can not guarantee availability unless you have a booking confirmation.


Do you have references? 

Of course. Please contact us for further information and a list of references. 


We love you already! Do you have a referral program? 

You bet! We love referrals because there's already an established level of trust–that works both ways. We want to thank you when you refer a great client, so here's how it works: 

You refer Dr. Dolittle to us, and the first time he uses our services, you'll receive a $10 credit to your account. 

When he uses our services a second time, we'll credit your account an additional $15. We love Dr. Dolittle! And we love you, too!  

When Dr. Dolittle uses our services a third time, you will receive an additional $25 credit. Dr. Dollittle rocks, and so do you! 

That means that each time you refer a client to Well Minded, you get some free pet sitting, up to $50. There is no limit to the number of clients you can refer. We appreciate your faith in us! 

Wondering about something we haven't answered here? Please feel free to contact us with any questions.