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For over fifteen years, SomaLife has been an all-natural, cutting edge nutraceutical company focusing on three specific fields: age management, athletic performance, and brain health. They have developed proprietary formulations based on years of clinical research and supported by indisputable body science that have proven so effective that they have received international patents. 

SomaPet, which we use regularly for our dog, N.A.S.H.A. and have reviewed on our blog, is a specific combination of amino acids formulated to optimize the health of your pet. The specific combination, when taken orally, is designed to support the release of Growth Hormone from the pituitary which assists in cell repair and regeneration. 

SomaPet aids in the following:

• improved immune function

• improved nervous function

• strengthened collagen and bone

• increased healing

• cellular energy promotion

• minimize exercise damage

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